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Your Guide To White Label Social Media Management – Part 2

White Label Social Media Management
In this second part to your guide on White Label Social Media Management, we’ll dive into what it comprises, its benefits and how an agency can help maximise your investment. If you’ve not yet done so, read part 1 of our guide into White Label Social Media Management

What does white label social media management comprise?

One of the main challenges that people tend to face is that social media management can be a very broad thing. Understanding what it includes, quite tricky when you don’t necessarily know. It’s important to understand where to focus your attention, because you don’t have time or the resources to get it wrong. As a general practice, you can usually find that you’ll be focusing on a handful of processes.

1. Target Audience Research

One of the most important things that you’re going to need to think about when it comes to social media marketing is that you need to know how to reset your target audience. Understanding your audience is a core aspect of creating a social media strategy. If you don’t understand who your audience is, you won’t know how to retain them, how to interact with them, or how to generate leads from them.

As the end goal is obviously generating a bigger return on investment, you need to understand who your target audience is to maximise your investment in them. n The way to do this is to research your audience. Do you understand exactly what specific industry or sector you’re working in, the type of people you want to connect with? What does your ideal audience look like? What do they want to buy, what do they enjoy looking at, how can you interact with them?

Researching the audience means that you can put a targeted level of focus into creating content. You can tailor your services and strategies to suit them. So when you do come to advertise at them, it becomes much more likely that they are prepared to invest in your company. If you don’t know your audience, you need to make this clear to a social media team before you get started. In some cases, they will do the research for you, which can be very helpful if you don’t know how.

2. Social Media Strategy Creation

Before a social media strategy can be turned into a campaign, it has to be created. The campaign itself will focus on creating a strategy for each social media platform that you are using, and then exploring the different ways in which platforms can be used to accomplish specific goals.

If you’re going to do this, then you need to think about a handful of different factors in order to see success. You have to work out what it is that you actually want, among other things. Let’s explore these ideas.

First and foremost, you have to consider the goals that you have for this campaign. What is it that you want to do?

  • What are your goals? – goals should be quantifiable, achievable, and have a specific target in mind. There’s no point just saying that you want to generate more leads, because that’s not how an effective social media campaign is done. It needs to be something you can quantify, a result you can visibly see.
  • Understand Your Industry – you also need to try and think about your industry while you’re doing this. Do you want to try and fill a gap in the industry with this social media campaign? Do you want to establish yourself as an industry leader? When you explore your industry as the greater context of your campaign, you begin to understand exactly how you can apply more pressure in certain areas to become more of an authority.
  • Define Your Brand – obviously, you need to think about your brand at the same time. The social media campaign that you design and create and release the public has to be one which is in keeping with the brand identity you have cultivated prior to this. Alternatively, this may be the chance that you take to rebrand and re-establish yourself as being a brand-new entity. Regardless, you have to make sure that you have your brand worked out. We’re always keen to help at White Label Social Media Management, but we need your input to do so.
  • Making Social Media Accounts – a large part of a social media strategy is designing the accounts that you’re going to use to publish all of the content front. It’s completely understandable if you don’t have any social media accounts before you set out to do a social media campaign, because a large portion of people just don’t. A lot of businesses don’t have an account or platform, so they need to make one. This is good, because it means you have a blank slate from which you can begin to build a targeted set of images and an identity.
    • Your white label social media team will have to think about the design of your accounts. You need to focus a lot on what you present to people. What do you want to look like? How do you want to move forward? It’s very important to sit down and try and work out exactly what it is that you want, because this will help you to figure it all out. It can be very challenging to try and come up with a social media platform which works for you. You have to think about your profile pictures, your cover photos, the biographies that you include, the overall theme of your social media accounts.

      4. Making Advertisements

      At some point, you are going to have to work out if you want to use advertisements for your social media campaign. They can be a very useful thing, offering a lot in terms of overall engagement, the way that you interact with customers, and a variety of other benefits. However, it can also be inappropriate to use advertisements, so you need to exercise some level of caution and where possible, defer to the judgement of a professional.

      Every social media platform has a different emphasis when it comes to advertisements –

      Some will offer the chance to create advertisements for brand awareness and lead generation

      Whereas others will straight up let you advertise a product that you want to sell. Identifying which platforms have the tools that you need is important.

      A good social media manager will create advertisements which examine a different category of criteria. They will look at the type of media that’s being used, the target audience, the content itself, the calls to action which are included, and in some cases the cost per click of the advertisement. All of these different factors can heavily out way any experience that you might have, and will also influence exactly how successful the advertisement is.

      Make sure that you get a chance to interact with and check out all advertisements before you agree to let them be released. You want to make sure that everything is in keeping with your standards.

      5. Creating a Content Calendar

      Another main area that you’re going to want to think about is creating a content calendar for all of the social media accounts that you are running. Think of this as being the professional reference point for both you and your social media team to analyse and communicate with.

      A content calendar works by giving you a roadmap of the current month. You’ll see all of the posts that have already been published, you will see the future posts, and there may also be analytics included. The social media manager in question will most likely contact you prior to releasing new materials and get your approval on them. This can be quite a time-consuming task, but it’s important to make sure that the only content going out is content that you have approved and are confident will promote your business in the correct way.

      6. Monitoring White Label Social Media Performance

      It is incredibly important for you to monitor the performance of social media campaigns to make sure that you are happy with what is being done. A campaign can only work if you are comfortable with the results it is yielding, and if something is going wrong, you need to know sooner rather than later.

      Here at IMT we track every click and conversion for you. We use cutting edge software proprietary software to create analytics based on a lot of the different aspects of social media interactions, measuring the return of investment, the overall engagement with the content, and various other factors to give you a comprehensive picture of how the campaign is doing.

      We firmly believe that it is essential for you to partner up with an agency like us, because we monitor the performance of the accounts, but at the same time, we will also be able to act when the overall performance drops. It is possible for social media campaigns to suddenly lose traction, and it’s important to understand why.

      we make sure to provide an action plan for when this happens as well, so you feel confident that even if something does go wrong, you have the tools necessary to combat the problem. We never want you to feel like you are just getting an excuse as to why things aren’t going well.

      7. What is the average cost of social media?

      The type of social media campaign that you create, as well as the level of service that you ask for will determine prices quite heavily. On average, a social media campaign can cost up to £3000 a month. This is a cost which includes the building of the campaign, maintaining it, creating analytics, orchestrating the conception of social media accounts, and the budget spend itself on ads.

      Obviously, depending on the size and scale of your company, and the amount of resources that you have available, your budget for social media management could be higher or lower than this figure. Don’t be put off by the fact you don’t have masses of money to throw at a social media campaign, instead use a budget and contract services based on that.

      Why should you invest in White label social media management?

      So, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, why should you invest in social media management? Well, social media gives your company the chance to grow its business, to promote the brand, and this is something that a lot of small to medium enterprises can’t really do that well on their own. They don’t necessarily have the time or the inclination to sit down and learn social media management, so more often than not they just don’t use it.

      What are the benefits of social media management?

      There are a lot of advantages to social media marketing services:

      • It’s time saving allowing you to focus on the business – first and foremost, you save yourself a lot of time. It can be very time-heavy for companies to learn how to work a social media platform and generate a proper campaign. Thankfully, social media management services mean that you can do this without having to compromise on a potential revenue stream.
      • You have your own on hand social media expert – other immediate benefits include having a social media expert, someone who can advise you on the best course of action, create a strategy which works, and maintain it for you.
      • Put a cost-effective industry leading strategy in place – the creation of a good strategy is obviously important, because you want to have a social media campaign which is constantly improving and adapting to the situation at hand. Also your budget goes further and isn’t wasted giving you maximum reach and return for every penny you deploy.
      • Set a high bar and hit your goals – obviously, achieving your goals is also important. A lot of people want to focus on making sure that they get measurable results, maybe they want to increase brand awareness, whatever it is that you’re trying to do, a social media management service can be the best way to do this. Quite a few businesses struggle to maintain a social media presence, so it’s often a good idea to turn it over to the professionals to get the results that you need.

      Do you need a white label social media management agency?

      If you want to take the next step and grow your business, then harnessing the power of social media is the cornerstone to achieving this goal. If you are an agency looking to plug social media advertising into your service offerings then IMT can help we. We are the longest established and largest White Label team in the UK. Also, we are one of only 16 partners Facebook have selected to work with across the UK.

      As always when working with a new partner you need to make sure that you work with the right team. The digital sector is somewhat of a minefield and the low barrier to entry means you are at risk of selecting a social media team that have all the front-end bells, whistles and case studies. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line and start work with them you find they outsource your social media management to a 3rd party in a another country or simply just don’t have the technical skills to make good on the promise they made.

      Act in haste repent at leisure

      Due your due diligence. If digital marketing agency has awards or accreditation follow through to see if they are real. In our case we are a Google Premier Partner which puts us in the top 1% of performing teams globally. It’s not something simply based on the spend we manage or exams we pass it’s a more complex algorithm taking into account profitability, delivered ROI, % of client churn and positive reviews to name a few. As mentioned earlier we are proud to be Facebook Partners – again one of only sixteen Facebook have deemed worthy of that status across the UK. Always click on badges or accreditations and check a company’s credentials on the relevant channel. You’ll be surprised what you uncover.

      At IMT we are careful to offer you a collection of social media services that will help you to get your social media campaigns on track not what will generate the largest fee. We stand or fall by our results and that’s why we have the confidence to work on a short 30-day rolling contract. This puts the power with the client and lets you know that we will strive to deliver every single month.

      We understand how difficult it can be for you to get ahead with social media if you don’t necessarily know what to do, so we heavily encourage you to speak to a member of the team and find out what it is that we can do for you here at White Label Social Media Management.

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