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White Label Pay Per Click PPC Management

White Label PPC Management Services

IMT can help you extend your digital marketing services to clients by providing world class White Label PPC Management that requires zero need for in house expertise.

By partnering with IMT you can instantly offer clients multi channel digital solutions across the following channels:

Google Yahoo/Bing Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Amazon

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to be rated by Google as one of their handful of elite Premier Partners which is a very hard status to achieve. The grading takes into account the amount of ad spend we manage, client feedback, new client volumes and most importantly the high average performance index we deliver for campaigns across the board.

It means we work hand in glove with Google, have a team over there dedicated to supporting us and also we get access to loads of cool beta tools that other agencies will have to wait months to get their hands on. This relationship gives us a cutting edge over our competitors and enables our clients to perform to a higher level over their competition as well. Read more

Premier Google Partner

Specialised in:

We're also proud to be 1 of only 10 companies in the UK with the accreditation Facebook Marketing Partner. This is a community of experts known for their ability to maximize Facebook advertising, including Facebook Pixel, Facebook App Events, Facebook Product Catalog, and beyond.

We have been carefully vetted for expertise and for our proven track record of success. The certification demonstrates our ability to set up optimal Facebook marketing solutions.

Facebook Marketing Partner

Your Elite White Label PPC Partner - We Do The Work, You Win The Awards

Make Money, Keep Clients, Zero Work

Become a Premier Google Partner instantly

We help you win new clients with branded proposals, Sector Insight Data and pitches

Get a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals for each of your clients

Full PPC campaign management and reporting – from the initial setup to optimization

Our PPC services are built on absolute confidentiality

We do the Work, You win the Awards

Learn How We Can Help You

By teaming up with IMT, we deliver scalable, cutting edge White Label Pay Per Click Management services that fulfill your clients’ needs - boosting your bottom line.

What you need from a white label PPC service

A professional partner with a proven track record

Total confidentiality

A framework that lets you focus on sales and not Pay Per Click operations

Added value to offer to your clients

The space to manage and nurture your relationships

What IMT offers you and your clients

An elite PPC team that will deliver tangible results

Extending your client life cycle and boosting per client revenues

A dedicated account manager for each account

Fantastic pre sales support

In-depth and tailored branded White Label Reports

A proven WL model that has serviced over 1,000+ SMB’s for over a decade

Make Money, Retain Clients, No Work

Our Pay Per Click White Label programme is a strong source of revenue for our partners. We know you are putting your clients and your trust in our hands. Our team are all trained to focus heavily on client retention. We believe that profitability and growth is underpinned by building long term relationships you and your clients.

So we want your clients to maintain and grow their annual digital marketing budgets year on year. In practice client retention is hard to achieve and requires hard work. This goal can only achieved by focusing strongly on industry leading customer service and delivering strong PPC results month on month that boost your client’s bottom line. These two factors are at the heart of why we have become so highly rated by Google themselves and our other partner channels.

We'll be your partners, not your competition

The success of our business has been underpinned by nurturing long term business relationships built on trust and confidentiality.

You can rest assured we won’t be trying to steal your clients or pitch them products or services that directly compete with yours. Our team want to help you grow your business and client offerings by working with you not against you. That said we put in place strict non-disclosure and non-compete contracts for added peace of mind.

Audits, Proposals & Analysis

Our comprehensive reporting systems cover account audits, new business proposals, and performance analysis enabling us to stay pro-active with your client's account throughout the management process.

White Label PPC Sector Report
PPC Advertising Agency
White Label PPC Management

8 Reasons Why Our Service Works our humble opinion!

Every client gets a dedicated account manager

We help you prepare, pitch and win new business

Highly-skilled copywriters, creating ads that convert

Quality Score reviews ensuring lower costs per click & higher conversions

Real insight from real people – we never automate!

Simple 30 day rolling contracts

We deliver sector beating ROI's for our clients

In-depth branded White Label Reports

Discover How IMT Can Help You Grow Your Business

When you partner with IMT you open the door to becoming an instant Premier Google Partner Agency offering an integrated PPC solution to new and existing clients.

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Do you help at the pitch/ proposal stage?

Absolutely, we can provide as much or as little input as you want. We are totally flexible and tailor our approach to each client we work with.

You can simply send us your leads and we will convert them into customers for you presenting ourselves as one of your senior team.

Alternatively, send us your leads and will send back within 24 hours a full proposal with costings and analysis branded with your logos. We can either brief your team on how to approach the pitch giving you background information etc, or we can plug into the pitch call or attend meetings and help you close the client.

How can I be sure your white label PPC work is confidential and in the background?

Your confidentiality is our absolute priority and our whole programme is built on this basis. None of your clients will know that your PPC Management Services are delivered by us. All the reports and documentation we provide are delivered to you (or the client depending upon the structure you require) with your company logo/ branding.

We use private numbers that are answered with your company name. All emails are sent under your company url. If you want we can attend meetings or join in calls to pitch new clients. We do it all under the umbrella of being one of your team.

For extra peace of mind we put strict non-disclosure and non-compete contracts in place.

Do you outsource your work?

No way. We have a large team of Google, Yahoo/ Bing, Facebook Qualified Individuals in-house – we never outsource or hire freelancers. For each new client you put forward to us we will allocate a tech who matches up with the strongest skill set and sector knowledge.

How do you manage our clients?

There are two systems we can operate – Agency Facing or Client Facing.

Agency Facing – We are a simple bolt on to your team. All communication is between you and your account manager. We work silently in the background setting up, optimising and running pay per click campaigns. We produce a variety of white label reports all with your branding for you to pass on to your client.

Client Facing – We simply operate to look like a division of your company. We communicate directly with your client using dedicated telephone numbers answered with your company name. Any emails that are sent are tailored with your company domain and are cc’ed to you.

You can call us FREE from mobiles and landlines on 0800 044 3664 - or fill in the form below and we'll call you back.