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Facebook and Instagram, the two powerhouses of social media

Facebook and Instagram Advertising
In this modern world, you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some form of social media account, let alone someone who has never heard of the main platforms. Whilst Twitter is a big name, surely the crown of social media lies firmly between Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has over 2 billion users and Instagram has 1 billion, which means that they are seen the world over, every second of every day.

Not only are these platforms useful for people who are looking to catch up with friends and family, but they are great for businesses who want an easy way to market too. In fact, it is thought that as many as 72% of people have bought a product that they saw on Instagram. A rather impressive figure.

With this in mind, it makes sense that if you want your business to be successful, that you are going to need to get to grips with both of these platforms – Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Remember they are different, whilst they are the same

The first thing that you need to remember about Facebook and Instagram, is that they are two entirely different social media platforms. Whilst they may both be used by the same person, following the same kind of things, each platform is looked at in a different way. This is because they present the information in entirely different ways.

Facebook is often the go to place for reactions and opinions, particularly for a large event. For an insiders perspective and perhaps a behind the scenes look if it is an award show, sporting event or concert, Instagram is much more likely to be the go to social media app.

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What about men and women?

Another thing that you can look at when comparing Facebook and Instagram is whether or not there is any differences on how men and women use the platform. Men are much more likely to use Facebook and Instagram to help organise their lives, such as joining groups that match up to their special interests or RSVPing to events. Women use these social media platforms as a way to stay in touch with people that they care about, or at least be nosey as to what they are getting up to.

And parents?

When you have kids you can seem to lose touch with the “normal” world around you. This is why social media is a useful tool for busy parents. It may seem like a place where you can simply share cute photos of your kids, but in actual fact it is useful for so much more. Parents tend to look at updates from their friends and family as well as funny content from Facebook. If they take the time to look at Instagram they are usually browsing information on beauty, fashion and celebrities.

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Video content for the Millennials

One group of people that really have got to grips with Facebook and Instagram are the millennials. Aged 18-34, they are not only used to using both social media platforms, but they know what they want too. That is video content. Video content is key on both social media platforms and if it can be steered towards fashion, beauty and design, then all the better for this part of the population.

The thing with paid social media is that it can be incredibly useful for any size of business. However, you need to understand not only how to use each platform that you want to promote on, but to who you are trying to promote. Think about who uses each form of social media and make sure that you are appealing to them, before long you will soon feel the benefit of these efforts.

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