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White Label Facebook Ads Audits

White Label Facebook Ads Audit

How Solid Reporting Can Help You Impress Your Facebook Ads Clients

When it comes to running an ad agency it can be difficult to juggle all the requirements of managing the business as well as providing top quality value add services for your clients. This includes helping them to increase their ROI on their campaigns. This is where using a White Label service has superb benefits that let you look like a superstar to your clients, without having to do any extra work. We look at what work a white label agency can do for you.

The Power of Facebook Ad Audits

One of the great value ad services that a white label agency like ours is able to do is to review all of the previous Facebook ads that have been run and look for trends that will enable future ads to be created much better. This simply requires you getting us access to your client’s Facebook Ad account. This is completely safe as it doesn’t allow any information to be changed, it just allows it to be viewed. Your client will just see a message asking that a member of ‘your’ ad team wants to audit their Facebook Ads account and review the information. This keeps everything coming from your company so that your client doesn’t need to know you are using a white label company.

What the Ad Audit Will Tell You

The ad audit will allow the Internet Marketing Team’s custom dashboard to be populated with all the information from your client’s account. This lets you break down their ads based on audience type. Whether it is device, age, time of day, gender, country or placement. This breakdown will allow you to see the information that you can then share with your client. So, if mobile ads are under-performing then you will be able to tell your client that, or whether their ads are not appealing to an age group, all this will be revealed to you. From this information, you can start writing a report that you can share with your clients. This will make you look like a superstar.

Types of Information in the Audit

What you will see in the audit is certain types of information which are important to relay back to your client. This could be audiences that are getting a better return on ad spend (ROAS) for each demographic. It could audiences that are seeing a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) for a given demographic. You will also see audiences that are getting a better cost per lead (CPL) and a better cost per acquisition (CPA). In addition to this type of information, you will also see the worst performing audiences for each of the above areas. Most business owners don’t know this information and therefore are unable to share this with their clients. The fact that you have this information will make you stand out to your clients and impress them greatly.

Why Don’t Companies Have This Information?

The simple answer is time. In order to collate this information for a normal company, it would take hours and hours. If you are a small agency, then this is all the time that is being taken away from you developing your business. If you have a dozen or so clients, you could easily spend all your time generating this information for your clients and then have no time to look for new clients or grow your business. This is where having a white label company on your side really helps. They allow you to generate all this information for your clients and present it from your business. The white label company will act as your ‘in-house’ marketing team, this means that you can look like you have the resources behind your organisation to show that you can make a difference.

Meeting Preparation

The Internet Marketing Team will prepare you for a monthly meeting with your client. This could be a face-to-face meeting or a conference call. We will ensure that you have all the information from their ad audits so that you are ready to answer their questions during the meeting. You will be able to review the information before the call so you know what you are going to present, and if you want you are even able to have a representative from our company join you in the meeting as part of your marketing team. All this work will make you look great to your client, as you dissect their ad spend and tell them where they are most effective and where they can make the most money. This will help you steer your clients into how they spend with your agency and will ensure that they keep coming back to you because of the service you provide them.

Won’t This Cost Me?

This is the great thing; this is all part of the service you are providing to your clients. Because the ad audits are part of your business, you can sell the service directly to your clients. Therefore, it costs you nothing. The beauty of white label services is that you can resell them branded with your own company. All the reports and dashboards that the Internet Marketing Team provide can be branded with your agencies logo’s and business styles. This means that the work is your own. Your client is paying you for this service. These services will also help you to secure future retainers from your clients as well as attract new clients. You are offering services that are not available from other agencies. The work done by the Internet Marketing Team will save you money in the long run as we are doing the work for you. You are free to get involved as much as you want, so whether you are a one-man-band that want us to do everything, or you have multiple employees and just need some value add services, then we are able to do what you need. All the while making your agency look the best it can be.

Other Services

Whilst the Facebook Ad audit is one of our most unique value ad services that we provide, it is not the only one. We are also able to run the entire campaign on your behalf as well. This can be everything from creating assets such as images, video or audio, through to uploading the assets to Facebook and creating every aspect of the campaign. This means that the quality of the service you get is fantastic. Your clients get great leads and great campaigns, and you don’t have to put in the work to achieve it. If the campaign is a lead generation one (which most are) then your client will get highly qualified leads that enable them to grow their business. All of this is done by your ‘in-house’ team. So, your agency looks amazing and it ensures that you keep the clients coming back to you time after time.

Final Thoughts

Engaging the services of a white label marketing team to support your business is one of the best ways to grow your agency. It allows you to offload a lot of the time-consuming work that makes you look great to your clients. It also means that if you are a small organisation that doesn’t have the resources to put in this level of work you are still able to present the work to your client without it taking any of your resources. This is a win-win for your organisation.

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