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Meet Your Secret Weapon For Success – White Label Facebook Ad Management Services

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White Label Facebook Ads Management
When it comes to running an ad agency the hardest part for most people is the running of client campaigns. These are equally true whether you have been in the business for years or are a brand-new company.

Spending all your time running campaigns, means little time for generating new business and getting new clients. This means if a client if I client decides they no longer want your services then you could be looking for months to find a new client to fill their spot. If you don’t have a huge number of clients, then losing one or two can ruin you.

However, we can help you with this.

The Internet Marketing Team offers a White-Label Facebook Ads Management Service. This means that our team handles all the aspects of running a campaign for you, all whilst presenting it as being done by your company.

The Best White-Label Sales and Support Available AnywhereFacebook Ads Account Services

Some white-label services will create assets for you and some will even upload them to your client’s ad account, however, we go all out to make sure you get the best clients around. We give you unlimited Facebook ad audits.

This means that once we have been granted access to your client’s Facebook ad account, we can quickly review all of the previous campaigns and find quick improvements that can be made with little effort. This includes creating a dashboard for each client that signs up for an audit with all the information about their ads. We will also provide you with a full set of notes on our findings so when you discuss the results with your client you will know exactly what you are talking about. This lets you improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) when you speak with your client.

We will work closely with you, all the way up to the audit call, so you can present the information in the best way that will help you close the deal. We give you all the tools and materials needed so that you can make the best impression with your client and get them to sign a retainer with your agency.

Throughout this whole process, we are your ‘in-house’ team and will back you up 100 per cent. If you are a one-man-band then this process alone is worth its weight in gold. You have experienced professionals who are there to help you get new clients in the door.

Client Onboarding

Once you have signed your new client then you need to get them to onboarded into your agency and this is something that we can take care of as well.

We will gather all of the needed details from your client and make sure they are ready to run their next campaign. We can either do this in person or provide you with forms to fill out with your client. Once the information is collected then we can start to build the campaign.

Building a Complete White-Label Facebook Ad Campaign

Whilst many white-label companies will run the campaign for you, many won’t build out the ads for you. Internet Marketing Team does every part of the process.

We write the copy, build the audiences, create the images or videos, put everything together in the Ads Manager and then publish everything once it is perfect. We also do client testing and creative work to make sure that your client’s ads are optimised to get the best results. All the while keeping you aware of where everything is in the process. We will even shut down ads that are not performing well for you.

Regular Monthly Reports

We also build a Weekly dashboard for each of your clients that keeps track of their progress. You can use these to send information to your clients once a week so that they know you are on top of their campaigns. We also help to write a full monthly report for you that you can deliver to your clients that will include progress, next steps and outcomes.

We know that regular communication with your clients is important which is why we provide you with all the information you need to keep your clients informed of their account performance.

Complete Facebook Messenger Funnel Set-Up and SupportFacebook Messenger Funnel

We anticipate that your clients will want lead generation campaigns more than any other campaigns. This is what we see with our own clients and we expect you will see the same.

The most effective method we have found for this is Facebook Messenger Funnels. Once we have this funnel in place we will be able to send your clients the leads Facebook verified name, email address and phone number. The ‘Facebook verified’ status means that the lead with have the best email address and phone number for the lead and gives your client the most accurate information that Facebook has on the lead.

Our Messenger Funnels allow your clients to start a live conversation with the leads at any point, though the conversation starts with a bot it is designed to be indistinguishable from an actual human and you are able to jump in at any time. Once the leads are collected from your current campaign then we can either export them into a spreadsheet for you or import them into your CRM system automatically.

White-Label Setup and Support for Every Campaign Type Imaginable

As well as lead-generation campaigns, you will also have clients that want to run other types of campaign. This is something that we can do easily.

Our campaign managers are very experienced and able to handle multiple different types of campaigns with a range of budgets from $500 per month through to many thousands. We have never yet come across a campaign type we are not able to run.

“How Much Of This Do I Have To Do Myself?”

The answer is as much as you want to. We can handle 100% of the work or less. This is down to how much time you want to spend gathering new clients vs. managing existing clients.

We can even represent your agency during calls and meets etc as well, leaving you completely free to develop your business.

Or we can give all the information to you so that you can be the person in the know and the only one to be in direct contact with your clients.

We will work with you to understand exactly what level of involvement you want us to have with your clients.

Remember we are working for you and we are YOUR ‘in-house’ team. Not all white-label companies are as flexible as us.

“How Much Can I Charge If You’re Doing All the Work?”

You can charge whatever price you want – quite simply it is none of our business what you charge. This is your company, you set the price, we do the work.

We find that most customers charge their clients for White Label Facebook Ad management anywhere between £900 – £3,000 per month for their services. That is regardless of whether they are using a service like ours or doing it themselves.

We know the quality of our facebook ad management work and the results we deliver are the best in the sector. We are 1 of only 16 UK allocated Facebook Partners which is a status only bestowed on Facebooks very best performers. What this means is you will have happy clients who are happy to pay this level of management fee for the ROI we deliver.

“Where Can I Learn More About Your White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services?”

Since our launch way back in 2004 we have become the UK’s largest White Label PPC Management Team that Web Designers, Full Service Digital Agencies, SEO Companies and PR Agencies have learnt to rely on. If you are purely interested in White Label Facebook Ad Management Services then click here.

If you are looking for a wider one stop White Label PPC Management key turn solution across the core digital channels then you can learn move by clicking here.

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