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White Label Evergreen Facebook Ads Retargeting

White Label Facebook Ads Retargeting
The idea behind creating this great scale business is to create a marketing stack that can function every day without you having to actively manage it constantly. You need to have built yourself a good marketing funnel. You drive your customers to the top of the funnel; you engage with them and you get them to add items to their cart. You then push them to purchase. But customers are fickle, and some will abandon their cart.
Some will view content and then leave, and where you make your money is at the bottom of the funnel, that is your point of scale.

Ad blindness

Having a stack of retargeting isn’t about just setting up something that says target anyone in the last month. You will quickly realise after about two weeks that that is not working and give up on it. This is due to ad fatigue. The more often that a person sees an ad the less effective it is, and after while with constant exposure a customer will just go blind to your ad.

What you want to do instead is set up slices of time that have different ads. So, for example for those that filter out of your content before adding to the cart, you want to set up three different ad slices.

1: For those that have viewed content within the last ten days.

2:  For those that have viewed content within the last 20 days but not in the last 10.

3:  For those that have viewed content in the last 30 days, but not in the last 20.

This will mean that you can then create different targeted content for those groups of people.

For those that have added items to their cart, then this is more urgent, so you need a separate set of slices for those people. 5, 10 and 20 days with each group excluding the one below it. The idea here is that you know the customer was close to purchasing, so you want to take advantage of that urgency and push the customer to close.

If it doesn’t work, then you want to try something different. So maybe you go to 3, 7 and 10 days, with a range of different image types and start offering a discount with the 7- and 10-day offerings.

The idea is to try and find the barrier to that customer making a purchase.

Price Barrier – Price Discount

The most obvious reason for someone not purchasing is due to price. So, the easiest way to counter that objection is by offering a discount. This can be achieved by using a ‘Comment for discount’ campaign. You can use an app to manage the responses to the campaign, but you can post about a couple of products and invite customers to make a comment and you will send them a discount code.

If they then go on to buy the product then you know the main barrier to their purchase was the price. You could even just be completely upfront and offer a blanket discount in your ad post with a code that is good for anything on your site. Then it doesn’t matter what they looked at; they just get a discount. This encourages people to make a purchase regardless.

Trust Barrier – Social Proof

This is where a customer doesn’t necessarily have the full trust of your product. The easiest way to counter this is with customer testimonial ads. What better way to build trust than to have feedback from people who have experienced your product? This is great to target e-commerce customers particularly women. They get a great positive reinforcement from someone who has been through your service, experienced your product or engaged with your business. The feeling created in the customer is that, well this person had nothing but good things to say about it, so it must be right for me too, therefore, I will buy. Social Proof barrier overcome.

Complex Barrier – Make it easy!

This is where there are some perceived complications regarding your product or app. The idea is that you spell out to the customer that it isn’t as complex as they are imagining. This is great if you are advertising a new app or service. It also works well for personalised gifts; which people can imagine are complex when they aren’t. You are walking the customer through the barrier and showing them that it is no barrier at all and hence they should purchase.

FOMO Barrier – Ego stroking

This is where you can be quite aggressive to your customers, in a friendly way. What you need to do here is stroke their ego. You want this product; you deserve this product. Stop making excuses, stop procrastinating. Good people have this product and you are a good person so go for it. You can also help improve the customer’s ego by promoting that the product is the one used by ‘the pro’, ‘the elite’, ‘the wealthy’ whatever it is that is going to make the customer feel good about buying the product now.

Cycle your creative

The idea is to keep hitting people in your funnel with a range of different ads so that you can overcome their objections. If you can make it so that your customers have seen 4 or 5 different ads in a 10 day period then you have set your stack correctly and will be hitting the barriers to purchase in your customers with the right counter.

The best part of this is that you don’t need to do anything to keep it running. Your customers are just automatically cycling through the different stages and seeing the different ads.

After a period of 15 or 20 days then they automatically cycle out of this and end up back at your regular cold ad campaigns. This is great because

–  It helps you increase your return on ad spend, this is because you are targeting those at the bottom of your sales funnel with the correct answers to their sales barriers.

–  You are getting out in front of them with your creativity and heading them off at the pass.

–  You are converting them at the right moment.

–  Hitting them with a high-quality Evergreen marketing stack is always going to be fresh for the customer.

–  You are capitalising on all the hard work you did to get them into the top of the sales funnel and pushing them down into purchasing without having to put in extra effort.

–  You are combatting their ‘ad blindness’ with fresh messages that speak to the customer on a level that they understand.

Final Thoughts

Having an Evergreen Retargeting Stack is all about working smarter rather than harder. You are setting your business up to succeed and work with your customers to make sure that you are addressing what is stopping them from making the purchases and keeping them happy.

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