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Finding Competitor Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Preview Facebook Instagram Ads
It might seem odd to go looking for Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, after all they are normally in your face all the time. However, if you are running paid ads on these platforms for your product or business then it makes sense to look and see how these ads are going to appear to your audience. You might also want to check out what ads your competitors are running and see how they appear. We take you through what you need to do to see your ads.

Your Own Facebook or Instagram Ads

Though Facebook does a good job to show you how it feels your Facebook ad will appear whilst you are designing it using the live preview, there are actually some subtle changes between the preview and how it appears in a user’s feed. Let us highlight the differences for you here:

Facebook Ads Preview

Facebook Ads Live Preview

As you can see from the images there are a couple of key differences. Firstly, your ad appears larger in a user’s feed. This is good news as it means the ad is easier to see. As you can see from the images it means that the headline of the ad doesn’t wrap to a second line. The description is also present on the users feed whereas it wasn’t on the preview. The URL to preview the ad is also much longer in the live ad.

So how do you see what the user sees? This is relatively easy. The Facebook ad manager menu has several different options for view ads in different ways that are not obvious. If you click the pop-out icon on the top right corner, then you can see numerous options for viewing how the ad will appear on different devices. The more places you are running your ad the more options you have to view it.

Facebook Ads Preview

Viewing a Competitors Facebook Ad or Instagram Ad

So, you can see your ads, how do you check out the competition? Fortunately, Facebook has made it easy for you using a tool called the Facebook Ads Library.

Facebook Advertising Ad Library

Once you have accessed the tool you can search for your competitors and when you click the link you will be given some high-level information about that company.

Facebook Ads Competitors

Scrolling down that page you can see all the ads that that company is running.

Facebook Ads Examples

There are various filters that you can apply to this ads list that enable you to filter by time frame, country, whether the ads are live or not. You are also able to filter by target platform, so you can see Facebook ads vs Instagram ads vs audience network vs messenger.

Final Thoughts

Not only are you able to view your competitors facebook ads and Instagram ads, but you are able to view any companies’ ads across the networks. This means that if you are looking for ideas or inspiration for your own ads you can browse and find some good ideas to follow. You are also able to check out your own company and get some more information about your business.

If your business needs helps creating or optimising your Facebook Ads Campaign give our team a call for a friendly chat. We are proud to be one of only sixteen allocated Facebook Partners across the UK. Contact us here.

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