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Top Best Practice Tips For Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads Best Practice
Anyone can create a Facebook ad, but creating ones that get noticed, engage and generate click throughs is a far more complicated than you might imagine. You need to know how to work with the system, not against it, in order to succeed.

As a Facebook Partner we’ve been wrestling with the Facebook guidelines and all the latest techniques to get ads noticed since they appeared way back in 2007. We thought we’d share 24 best practice elements you need to consider when creating that top drawer Facebook ad that will get your business noticed.

1. Use Correct Image Specifications

It’s important to make sure that your Facebook ads image specifications are correct before you start publishing advertisements. The recommended width is 600 pixels.

2. Use an Engaging Headline

Headlines should be engaging, easy to read and understand, and as apt as possible. Try to avoid shock and clickbait titles.

3. Always Use High-Quality Images

People are there to look- so make sure you focus on the image first and the text later. Make your image high quality and you’ll grab their attention with short punchy impact statements or strap line.

4. Minimise Your Text Size

Facebook recommends that no more than 20% of your image space is taken up by text. Cover a larger percentage and you run the risk of the image being rejected.

5. Refresh the Creative

Audiences get bored of seeing the same things over and over again. Refresh your Facebook ads creative to get a better sense of engagement.

6. Grab Attention

You have to grab the attention of your audience. They represent a key demographic which you need to think about. Everything should be bold and dynamic to get their attention.

7. Short and Sweet

Keep your text blunt, professional and aimed to entice in as few words as possible. Never settle for anything else.

8. Put Your Product in the Headline

Most people are only going to take the time to look at the headline, and nothing else. You need to make sure that your product is there, so they know from the outset what you want to sell. Don’t make the reader search for it, because trust me – they won’t.

9. Timeframes

Timeframes and urgency are so important. They help to add a sense of ‘don’t miss out’ to your product or service – “sales end now” “January Offer’ or something to that effect.

10. Mention the Price

You should always mention a price when you’re doing these things. It helps to give people a sense of understanding about what you have on offer and what you can do in the way of discounts.

11. Always Mention Discounts

Discounts are so important when creating your Facebook ads especially when you want to maximise your sales. You should use them to convey urgency and good deals.

12. Use Numbers

If you’re going to make sure that you sell your products as best you can, you should use numbers. For example, there might only be 5 of something left – it encourages people to go looking for them.

13. Follow All Policies

Facebook has strict policies for selling and promoting products. No weapons, sexual or violent content, no drugs, or any other adult products.

14. Focus on Your Brand

You have a brand and it is a winning thing, so you need to make sure that you focus on it when you’re doing Facebook advertisements. Always promote you and what makes you unique to a buyer – it works in the end.

15. Always Have One CTA

It may seem like a good idea to have multiple calls to action in place, but this is actually not a good idea. You should have one in place that becomes well-known and associated with your brand. Too many facts and figures crowd the message and dilutes the readers focus.

16. Talk to the Customer

When you create these advertisements, you’re going to want to appeal directly to your customer. It will help you to establish a good brand and to focus on what is important – creating a fantastic level of service.

17. Inspire People

One of the most important things that you can do when it comes to giving people the best options possible is to inspire them to give their all. A strong Facebook ad is all about making sure that you do your best to provide strong calls to action, because these will help a lot.

18. Tell a Story

A single ad can tell you the whole story, and that’s magical. You want to try and do exactly the same thing – Make sure that you are telling a story from start to finish.

19. Measure All of Your Results

You’ll be able to tell how a campaign has done by the performance it gives during the results. There’ll be analytics from Facebook ads manager that you can look at, and they’ll help you to figure it all out.

20. Marry Your Images and Messages

The images and messages that you use for your advertisements need to marry together. They need to be part and part of the same clear message – an idea of who you are and what you want to promote.

21. Match Creative to Landing Page

The creative and the landing page will be an easy match up if you’re someone who’s thought about all the different ways that they need to tie together. The image and copy of your landing page should match the ads. It’s as simple as that.

22. Align Your Efforts with Your Goal

When developing good ad creative, you need to think about your goals overall. You need the sense to match them up together, because it will help you to be the best possible version of your brand.

23. Trial and Error

Trial and error are a key part of making sure that everything performs the way it should. If you’re going to see the success that you want, then you’ll need to make sure you have tried to match up the concepts together. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make sure you split test variations to see which ad lands better than another.

24. You’re Unique, Spell it Out!

You’re a unique company, you need to try and spell it out to the world! They need to know that you can contribute something incredible and meaningful with your products and services, and don’t be afraid to shout it out.


Overall, these are the best guidelines and tips we can come up with to help you work with Facebook, not against them. They aren’t your enemy, and if you don’t treat them like one, you’ll have a much easier time of it. Facebook ads can deliver amazing results and returns on investments. It all starts with a strong ad.

Beyond the ad there are wide range of other factors to consider such as deployment strategy, correct budget, selecting tight targeted audiences, strong landing pages (funnels) that mirror the message shown on the initial ads to name a few. These are all topics for another day.

Before you go! If you’re struggling with your message, products or services found or heard in the digital space why not have a chat with one of our friendly team? We’re proud to be Google Premier Partners and Facebook Partners which puts us in the top 0.5% of teams globally.

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