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What Can a White Label Google Ads Performance Grader Do for Your Business?

White Label Google Ads Performance
When you are running digital marketing agency business then the better the service you can provide for your clients, the more likely they are to continue to be clients for you and the easier it is for you to attract new clients. However, putting in all this extra effort requires time and resources in order to be able to accomplish. This is where using a white label digital marketing team such as IMT can really help. We offer a range of tools, reports and analysis and reports to help you win new clients or flip current ones to new channles. Let’s have a quick look at how our White Label Adwords Performance Grader can help you in the process and boost your bottom line.

How Does the Google Ads Performance Grader Help Your White Label Client?

Over the years our White Label Google Ads Performance Grader has been refined and improved to help audit over £500m in total ad spend. All that investment and research has been ploughed back into improving and refining the algorithms that are used to make the Grader work. This means that you now get a performance tracker, that evaluates every 30 days the state of your Google Ads account. You can see how the performance of your ads has changed over time and you can easily see how the quality score of your ads has changed. This is a feature that Google just doesn’t offer. One of the other great benefits from the grader, is an evaluation of how ready your PPC is for mobile devices and technology and whether it adheres to mobile best practices. Finally, the benchmarks for grades and evaluations has been improved and refined over the years so that you can be sure you are getting the best scores and results for your ads. This includes a quality score, click-through rate, and wasted spend.

White Label Google Ads Performance

Looks great – but how does this help my White Label Client?

As a white-label service you can sell this service to your clients as a value add. You won’t have to do any of the work as it will all be done by our team, who will be acting as your ‘in-house’ marketing team. We will be able to provide you with a range of information that you can present to your client as part of your work. This will include actionable tips on how they can improve their ad scores. It will help them to filter out wasteful irrelevant clicks and help to neutralise negative keywords that are affecting your ads. The tips will also help you to raise click-through rates and improve quality scores across your ad campaigns. We will also provide tips to help with regular account maintenance, and to improve your long-tail keyword research. We will also help to test different forms of ads and keywords so that you know which are going to be the best performing for your client. We will also help you leverage mobile PPC features to help ensure you improve conversions through things like site links and call extensions.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Adwords has recently been rebranded as Google Ads. It is Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising model. It allows you advertisers to bid on certain keywords in order that a sponsored ad will appear when anyone searches for those keywords. Your ads will then appear alongside their search results when looking for keywords. The frequency at which your ads appear will depend on which keywords you select and the match types that you pick when you made your ad bid. There are several tools around that help you know which keywords to target and which will be most effective for you, however the Internet Marketing Team’s tools will give you the best information about your keywords. Creating a successful Google AdWords campaign depends on a couple of factors. Firstly, is the relevance of the keywords that you choose. You must choose a tight group of keywords and a well-crafted ad for it to perform well. The other key factor is the quality score of the keywords that you choose and how well worded your ad is.

Can’t I Do This by Myself?

Whilst it is true that anyone with a credit card can place an ad with Google Ads. However, most people don’t understand how to create Google Ads campaigns that are worth spending money on. This means though although they may increase their ad spend, the don’t see any return on their investment. This is where having a service like the Internet Marketing Team’s Google Ads grader can really give a boost to the campaigns that you are running for your clients. You will be able to tell what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. You will be able to reduce spend where it is not effective and increase the spend on effective ads as well as crafting new campaigns based on the information that is provided to you. Imaging going on a marketing call and being able to tell your client exactly what they need to do to increase lead generation or improve their return on investment in ad spend. They will love you and all this is part of your ‘in-house’ marketing teams work that you have sold to them.

How Can I Use the Grader to Improve my Ads Quality Score?

Each ad that is put onto Google is given a quality score between 1 and 10, with only the best performing ads getting 10 and the worst getting a 1. Having a cost effect and overall successful campaign really depends on your quality score. This means that you need to strive to get the highest quality score possible for your ads. The reports and information that we provide will help you increase your score. It can help you to ensure that your ad copy is completely relevant to the keywords that you are paying for. It can make sure that they keywords are relevant to the landing page that you have placed in the ad. It will help improve the ad’s click through rate, and it can also look at the historical factors that have an influence on the performance of your ads. The better the quality score, then the lower costs your clients will have.

White Label Google Ads Audit

Improving Your Google Ads

The simple fact is that Google Ads are not a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ tool. You need to be on top of your ad campaigns for them to be effective. However, this can be very time intensive for you on behalf of your clients. This is where having a White Label service like the Internet Marketing Team is such a boost for your business. We will be doing all that work for you. We are the ones that are going to monitor your campaigns and make sure that they are constantly improving and that you are giving your clients excellent value for their spend. That is why they will keep coming back to you as clients, because your ‘in-house’ marketing team are doing excellent work for you. All of this is costing you nothing as well, because you will be upselling your client on the work that we do. In order to get this service from you, you are charging them directly for our fees, all the while the work is being presented as coming from your business. It is important to know that the work done to improve your ad scores has to be done at a keyword level, it cannot be done on an account by account basis, so there are no shortcuts to the work to be done.

Final Thoughts

Using a white label service can really allow you to grow your ad agency business. It gives you access to a great deal of resources to provide value ad services to your clients without having to invest either huge amounts of time, or resources into providing that service. Having the Internet Marketing Team on your side really helps and takes your agency to the next level. By providing your clients with the best of breed in campaign information and improvements then they are going to be nothing but impressed with your agency.

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