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PPC mistakes and how to avoid making them

PPC mistakes the experts make

To err is human and we all make mistakes. And there’s nothing wrong in getting it wrong every once and awhile, because that’s how you learn to get it right the next time.

PPC is no different, and even the pros mess it up sometimes. So what are the biggest mistakes made in PPC?

Mistakes with budget

It’s easy to put an extra zero on your campaign budget and set it to go live without double-checking. Imagine setting your budget at £5,000 per day when you should have entered £500 per day. That one simple typo has just cost you a ton of money.

Avoid making budget mistakes by allocating a member of your team to double-check entries.

Mistakes with bidding

If you asked every PPC manager what mistake they’ve made a least once you can bet it was to do with bidding on keywords. You’ve inputted £30 for two keywords when you meant to put £0.30 or the other way round. A simple decimal point and before you know it you’ve racked up thousands.

While you won’t be able to avoid these mistakes completely, by using an offline editor you can check your work before it goes live. And don’t forget to check your campaigns the following day so you can spot any problems before your budget has gone completely off the chart!

Mistakes with Network Targeting

If you’re a novice then don’t expect Google to be sympathetic with your campaigns. Google’s default settings will override best practices in PPC such as separating search and content and proper geo-targeting for ‘All Countries and Languages’ and ‘All Networks’.

Avoid these mistakes by ensuring new employees are trained in PPC settings best practice and check on their campaign settings before going live. Once live, check the settings again. Set up a network and campaign report to your email the day after the campaign goes live.


Even experienced PPC managers get it wrong, but a few simple procedures and protocols for every member of your team will help towards avoiding costly mistakes.

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