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Why Meeting User Expectations is Vital for PPC Conversions

Posted by: In: PPC 09 Mar 2016 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

PPC Conversions

When a user is looking for a product or service they type certain keywords or phrases into a search engine to get a list of relevant sites. Once they get their list on Google they have a couple of choices: They can either select from the lucky companies who have got to the top of the rankings or choose one of the pay per click ads shown on the page.

If you are running a PPC campaign, your ad may well come up and the potential customer will see it and, hopefully, click through to your site.

So far, so good. But this is where things often go wrong and companies fail to make the most of all that potential, achieving poor conversion rates. The main reason is they fail to take into account the customer’s expectations and their intent. In other words:

  • What they actually want to see, and
  • What they actually want to do.

Consistency Between Ad and Landing Page

If you are doing the job half right, an ad should lead to a landing page that is specifically designed to mirror the text on that particular click through. For instance, if someone types ‘holiday in South Africa’ and clicks on your PPC ad, they will expect to land on a page that is about holidays in South Africa.

In this case, everything on the landing page needs to be focused to meet the needs of the user – from the use of keywords to the call to action and all the features and benefits that go with it. There should be no distractions or contradictory information on that page, only what reinforces your ads.

Anything outside this bubble will not meet customer expectations.

Meeting Expectations Exactly

Let’s say that you run an ecommerce site and have a PPC ad for Valentine’s chocolates. You put some power into your short ad by including that you offer free delivery before the 14th February. The potential customer clicks on your link and gets a page that has all your Valentine’s Day chocolates with a header that says all deliveries are free. This meets the expectations of your visitor exactly, they can quickly peruse your Valentine products and can get to the checkout just as easily.

Failing to Meet Expectations

If your potential customer gets onto your site and finds that deliveries are only free when they spend £20 or more they may feel you’ve told a little white lie in your ad. The bigger mistake that many companies make is that they direct those who click on a specific link to a landing page that is far too generic. In this case, that could mean a page that has lots of different chocolates that aren’t geared towards Valentine’s Day.

Achieving click through optimisation is not about giving users as much choice as possible, it is about providing exactly what they want.

Getting in Tune with Intent

An important aspect of PPC is what the user’s intent is. When they put in a search term, what are they actually after? If this is non-specific such as a ‘holiday abroad’ then it is more difficult to provide a landing page that meets their expectations. If it is highly specific such as ‘Black iPhone 6 Plus Case’ the chances are their intent is to buy that product. If your landing page is not in tune with that, and giving them every opportunity to do just that, you are going to have visitors pressing the back button almost as soon as they have arrived.

Matching search terms with PPC ads and the resulting landing page is vital if you want to see more conversions. If you don’t meet expectations and don’t make it easy for potential customers to engage and buy from you, then you will not only lose the sale but could also damage your online reputation. If you want better conversion rate optimisation, you need to provide what customers want.

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