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Marketing trends you need to know about – 2019

Digital marketing trends 2019
Digital Marketing is something that changes and grows all the time. There are traditional approaches to marketing that stick around year after year, however, there are also new approaches being introduced too.

If you are trying to digitally market your business, whether that is to other businesses or to the end consumer, then you are going to want to make sure that you know the best new trends that are happening right now as well as what is coming up in the future.

To help you, we have put together our guide to the top marketing trends that you need to know about during 2019.

Taking a conversational approach

It is no secret that we all rely on voice searches much more than we ever thought that we would. This means that the way that businesses think about their keywords needs to change. Rather than being stale and relying on simple keywords on their own, the idea now is thinking about things from a much more conversational approach, as if someone is asking a question rather than typing in a keyword search. Chatbots are very useful and popular and constantly being refined.

Ikea was one of the first mainstream companies to adopt a chatbot when they launched a virtual assistant called Anna in 2005. Customers ask Anna a wide range of questions from opening hours and prices to items of stock and hot dogs. Ten years after they released Anna she was shut down due to poor customer feedback. In hindsight maybe they were premature in shutting Anna down – it was just as chatbots were being picked up more broadly and taking leaps in functionality and refinement.

Conversational commerce is becoming more integral to digital marketing now as it enables consumers to provide feedback, make suggestions and help ease the shopping process. This isn’t something new – commerce has always been a conversational process it’s just we used to do it face to face and ask questions to real people. E-commerce has moved away from this over the years and we now see the trend moving back towards offering more of a conversational service but delivered in a slicker more effortless manner.

Breaking digital marketing strategies down into goals

The thing about digital marketing is that it can be all too easy to think about making sales, gathering clients and essentially working on your ROI. Of course, this is incredibly important to keep in mind, but you should never discount how vital it is to create brand loyalty, create brand understanding and of course create a demand for your product or service too. You need to think about digital marketing as a whole, you need to set goals for each segment of marketing and work on it as best that you can. By setting up your digital strategy in this way you break each micro strategy down and assess what it is trying to achieve and the end success or failure as opposed to putting it all together and working out one headline ROI that masks some super successes and failures.

Tackle Amazon advertising

Amazon is a giant in the retail world and for many companies, there really is no choice but to get on board their train. Whilst this may help you to get sales, the trouble with Amazon is that it can be hard to get repeat buyers, especially those that go through you directly. Think about how you can make your brand strong. You need to focus on the lifetime value of a sale/ new customer and encourage them to come back directly to you and not via Amazon swerving the commission you would pay on repeat sales. Use Amazon and the Amazon Advertising campaign suite to your advantage, and you should go far.

Embrace YouTube

Whilst mobile searching is still a part of marketing that you need to think about, it isn’t quite growing as fast as you may hope. That said, one part of searching on Google that is seeing some increase in use is YouTube. This platform has been one that you should keep on your radar for a while now, so, if you really want to be seen, then you are going to need to embrace YouTube and get yourself on there as soon as possible.

Single campaigns across platforms

You might think that you need to have a campaign for each platform that you use to market on, however, the truth is, as things are changing so is this. Campaigns are now able to move across a number of platforms, still targeting your specific audience and making sure that they are who you reach. Whether that is on YouTube, Facebook or perhaps just your standard Google search.

We are expecting the rollout of new campaigns that will enable you to target specific audiences across a range of categories and services. So, to give you an example you will be able to roll a remarketing campaign across a specific audience covering YouTube, Play Store, Search and Display networks. It will make the whole process more streamlined and easier to manage driving revenue growth on Google as both mobile and desktop even off.

Is Facebook done?

There has been plenty in the media of late about security breaches and issues with data on Facebook, which has meant that some people have decided to limit their use of the app. In fact, more people are dropping off than signing up. That said, you should never discount just what Facebook can do for your business. It is still an incredibly useful platform and one that can help you to get your reach and build a network. Facebook Ads is going from strength to strength – last year just under 30% of all digital spending in Europe was made through Facebook and they plan to grow this share. Facebook has expanded its  opportunities to advertise across its ecosystem. Currently the company has a reach across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. Next year WhatsApp is being added to the stable of digital advertising channels on offer and we think it’s going to be a great addition.

Hold tight, automation is coming

One thing that hasn’t quite come into power at the moment, but that is on its way, are automated campaigns. These are likely to make an appearance in the next 12 months. It will start with Google; of course, however, it won’t be long until other platforms are also going to take this on, which means that you need to think about how this is going to work for you. The goal here is to make it simpler and encourage more small to medium business to jump on board.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to look forward to if you are thinking about marketing in 2019. Why not take a deeper look at what is coming up and see how you can make them work for you? Better still speak to one of our award winning team who will be happy to discuss which channels your company should be leveraging and what strategy should be deployed.

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