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8 ways PPC can drive SEO

When looking at boosting the profile of your business online there are two clear roads in front of you PPC or SEO. It is widely accepted by digital marketing professionals that PPC should always be the first rung on your search marketing strategy ladder. So let’s look at 8 reasons why PPC is rolled out of your digital garage first.

1. Dual visibility

It’s easy to fall into the trap of cheering for one side or the other, but the fact remains that in any aspect of advertising and marketing you lose market share by not being visible on all mediums. The same goes for search marketing. The average SERP will display 5-7 results without any need for the user to scroll down the page. Most people don’t scroll down, they prefer to type in a new search. If you appear in two out of the first 5-7 results through paid search (PPC) and natural search (SEO) you are more likely to generate clicks through to your business.

2. Why wait?

If you kick off with an SEO campaign you could find the wait to see results anywhere from weeks to months (depending on keyword popularity and your website’s status). PPC gives you an immediate visibility entry point to the search engines.

3. Share keyword data

A keyword may appear poorly on organic searches and data will drip in far too slowly to enable real analysis. PPC provides instant data that you gather for stepping into SEO.

4. Keyword testing ground

Why spend valuable time using organic search to test your keywords when PPC is a more effective and efficient testing ground.

5. Uncover meta tags

High performing PPC ad text is a springboard to effective meta description tags for SEO. While some might say meta information has been de-valued over the years, when used properly there are still benefits to be found. Search engines other than Google may still consider them when determining their natural search results, and Google hasn’t said not to use them and may still consider them in their quality score algorithms to determine relevancy between landing page and keywords bid in a PPC ad group.

6. Adwords Quality Score

Organic search algorithms and Quality scores are equally relevance-minded. The work you do to improve quality score for an ad with landing pages and load times will get better positions with ads for lower CPC, this in turn helps the overall SEO. Our team see this happening time on PPC accounts we manage where a by product of our work is a healthy boost in organic keyword traffic.

7. Data Mining

The best way to market your products is by utilising your top converting PPC keywords to enhance your SEO strategy. Through data mining you see actual data on specific keywords that have been searched, clicked and converted for your product or services.

8. Tracking your investment

It’s easier to track the ROI of PPC, especially because SEO encompasses the efforts of multiple departments within Google.

So which should come first? SEO or PPC? In the next article we delve deeper into that very question.

SEO before PPC?

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