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eCommerce Digital Marketing

eCommerce Digital Marketing

Learn how we leveraged Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram
to transform our clients ecommerce business.

If you’re getting impressions, clicks and poor conversions then read on.

The Client

  • The client, is the UK’s third largest baby products business and is family run.
  • It has been running now for 15 years and until the last 12 months has been steadily growing and making in-roads to become the second largest ecommerce baby products provider.
  • They sell everything from stair gates, Moses baskets to night lights, buggies and everything in between.
  • Their product range is close to 5k but it’s the old 70/30 rule – 70% of profit is coming from 30% of their range.
  • Recently however they have been losing ground get less conversions for their budget – essentially seeing their all-important CPA (cost per acquisition) rise.

As you would expect, the agency that was running their digital marketing were delivering less and costing more which is when they were referred to us by another e-comm client.

Our Objectives

  1. To aid the client in the growth of their online business endeavours, with the aim of significantly increasing their overall success in this field.
  2. To challenge the perception the client had with regards to Google Shopping and what it could do for their business. The business itself has not always had success with the system, and also experienced less than stellar results when working with another agency. The level of shopping growth was not to their satisfaction and they considered shifting focus away from PPC.
  3. They needed to rethink their remarketing and ensure the visitors were being hit across far more channels such as YouTube, FB, IG and Yahoo/Bing.
  4. Their social media marketing across the paid ads was poor. Substandard targeting and remarketing was delivering a CPA that was above the average basket value.

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The Approach

Following an overview conversation with our client the first thing we did was test and audit everything to ensure it was working correctly and importantly reporting correctly. After that we sat down with the client and had a more in-depth meeting outlining our findings. Broadly their problems were many.

The conversion tracking was setup incorrectly and double counting some sales which meant they were in a worse position than already suspected. The site itself, whilst it worked well, had plenty of areas that our CRO team identified could be improved upon to increase conversions. Finally, they were spending heavily on Google Ads using a shopping feed that wasn’t fit for purpose. The remarketing was basic, and they weren’t targeting visitors against the categories they showed interest in. In addition, the remarketing didn’t push across into the Facebook channels of FB, IG + Messenger.

We created a detailed roadmap. This would help to explain which new products would be introduced and when, as well as the target results, and what we expected to generate for them.

We adopted a more aggressive pursuit of a higher impression share to assist with their endeavours.

We made sure to take full advantage of the smart bidding solutions offered by Google. Approximately 25% of all account revenue is due to USC campaigns.

We’ve also made sure to run smart display and target ROAS campaigns which are all working pretty well. In conjunction with these efforts, we’re also providing shipping, display, search and video campaigns which help to increase the amount of visibility key products and services get.

We’ve also made sure to create and use management tools which can optimise feeds for best results. This is also used in tandem with innovation for restructuring of said feeds, which ensure more relevant products are shown to customers with greater frequency.

Finally, in association with our support team at Facebook our social media team completely rebuilt a FB, IG and Messenger ads campaign along with new creatives and copy targeting a tighter more respondent audience. We put in place an evergreen retargeting stack to target site dropouts providing time sensitive voucher codes, social proof messaging, offer, new products specific to the areas they showed initial interest in.

Our Results

The business has seen a significant and substantial increase since we began to work with the client. In the first quarter we saw revenues increase by 22%. Alongside that we brought the CPA down by an average of 18% boosting the company’s margins and profitability.

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