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Deleting AdWords Accounts and Starting Again

Deleting AdWords Accounts For New

As a Google Certified business we’ve seen many clients come on board with old AdWords accounts that have become bloated and difficult to manage. This can be for a number of reasons: too many account managers using different practice methods, the utilisation of “out-dated” strategies. Either way the outcome is often an account with too many campaigns, ad groups and keywords functioning at the same time.

During our initial conversations with these clients, we often hear how they are overwhelmed by their accounts and at a loss where to begin. We’re often asked:

“What’s the first step?”
“What needs to be fixed?”

Followed by…

“And do we fix what’s already in place, or scrap the whole account and start again?”

The idea of starting all over again rings alarm bells for those who have spent years putting their accounts in place.

So let’s put your mind at rest on that one…

As Certified Partners we’ve spoken with the Google AdWords team who assure us there’s more success to be had if you leave all the old mess behind, and start afresh with a properly organised account structure that aims for simplicity.

With that in mind, here we present the top reasons why you should be creating a brand new AdWords account from the ground up, and why you should abandon the current chaos that you’re attempting to put right.

Simpler Management

You can make managing your AdWords account so much simpler by starting over. When you look at your current strategy, it’s quite possible that you have 10 or more campaigns, ad groups running into the 100s, and as for those keywords….1000s!

All this means is you’re looking at each individual element and trying to decide what’s the best optimisation route to take. Each day you might be asking which of the many thousands of keyword bids need altering, how many of your match types are working hardest, do any ads require optimising…..what a nightmare!

If your account has this many campaigns and ad groups it’s inevitable there’ll be account overlaps, plus keywords competing against one another while others are just causing confusion by taking up valuable space and under-performing.

Imagine trying to manage anything without a basic structure that allows you to locate a specific item. All that mess requires action, and you may not have been involved with the account setup and ongoing growth in the first place. Where would you look, never mind where would you begin?

By starting again, you’ll be able to trim all those keywords, ad groups, and campaigns to create a lean account that has the ability to advertise your specific service or product.

With a clean slate, you can tap into those handfuls of semantically related keywords that can be best served to communicate your service/product. A new account will provide a focused organisation that provides easy access to keywords and themes with the ability to change smaller number of keywords during a normal optimisation workflow. Basically, you’ll regain control of targeting and communicating to your potential clients.

Effortless and efficient performance tracking

Now you no longer have to wade through a messy account, you’ll find you can track performance effortlessly and efficiently. Instead of digging into the dark recesses of your old account to see which individual aspects are doing well, there’ll be less places to look and a clearer understanding of what’s working, and what needs improvement. Isn’t tracking the performance of 100 or so rich keywords easier than struggling through those 1000s that you had before? We think so.

With an array of broad keywords and overlap, it can be tough to identify what exactly is working – there’s just too many things flying around in your account. You may have multiple keywords all competing for the same search queries, which means you need to look at each one’s performance to see if it’s a success or not. By trimming down your keywords, there’ll be just one instance that needs identifying for performance.

Fewer nasty surprises

Isn’t fixing an old account better when there’s the chance of losing some good data by starting over? There must be a benefit to that legacy performance? All the work from the past, can you really just turn your back on it?

Fair points all, but from experience we can say there are more problems lurking in your old account than you realise.

For example, any time you pause or change a keyword, there’s a possibility that 1000s of other keywords that were under-performing previously may be activated by a change. A pause with one keyword can trigger a spike in performance in other keywords that you weren’t even aware of within your account – and the bigger and more disorganised the account, the bigger the unknowns making any outcome of change unpredictable.

A new account will bypass the never-ending scenario of patching one leak only to find another has burst elsewhere. Instead of stretching your resources in different directions just to keep an account that is ready to fail, take control over what goes in from the start and push it forward rather than reacting to something when it goes wrong.

Real world example

A client came to us with an existing AdWords account that held over 50 campaigns, 100 ad groups, and close to 100,000 keywords. That’s a lot of data to analyse!

They were determined to rescue the old account so we began pausing keywords that contributed nothing and reworking the ones that were wasting money. This left us to focus on the high CPA areas.

Pausing tens of thousands of keywords had zero effect in performance because there was so much mess laying around contributing very little, if anything at all. It also made managing the account a frustrating task. Changing keywords led to unexpected and unwelcome surprises in performance as there were other keywords we were completely unaware of.

These small fixes just weren’t working, performance metrics weren’t keeping pace with the goals we’d set, and the account just didn’t become any more manageable. Time to ditch it for a new account.

Now with full control over everything, and within a couple of months, performance has delivered:

  • Over 150% increase in CTR
  • Nearly 30% decrease in CTA
  • Approx. 40% decrease in overall cost

The final motivator

Performance is what we strive for, but there’s another great motivator to bring into play when starting over with a new account – an easier workflow.

If your position within the company is to manage one, or more, AdWords accounts then don’t you want it to be easily manageable? Your PPC experience should be effective and efficient so don’t make life hard for yourself by patching up an old bloated account, the time and effort just isn’t worth all the potential negative results.

Create a new AdWords account that is easy to navigate and in doing so you’ll reduce the time spent working on it as well.

As a footnote, starting again may not be the right path if you account just requires a little TLC (we can do that for you too!), but don’t rule out creating something new because you don’t want to give up on that existing account.

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