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Are you suffering from Facebook Ad Fatigue?

Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook Ads have a multitude of targeting options which means advertisers are constantly striving to cope with Ad Fatigue. It’s easy to fail with your Facebook Ad campaigns but there are strategies you can develop in order to achieve success.

Know your Facebook Ad audience

In order to measure the success of a Facebook Ad, particularly with conversion tracking, you need to know and your audience – their age, sex and geographical location. Advertisers should be targeting a specific or group of interests and by understanding their age and male/female segmentation the campaign will have a better potential CPA (cost per acquisition) and a long life which in turn addresses Ad fatigue length.

Maximise Facebook Ad Shelf Life

Many advertisers will change the look and message of their Facebook Ads and scratch their heads as to why the campaign’s CPA is always on the increase. The problem isn’t one of design, it’s the length of time targeting one audience. Being specific about an audience reduces the effectiveness of your campaign, but it does open up new opportunities to reach an audience who’ve yet to see the Ad. If you’re selling Tennis gear, look at your audiences other interests such as Tennis Magazines, Sports Magazines, Tennis TV shows, Tennis Brands etc.

Facebook Ads are like no other

Traditional search marketing has a wider range of volume and a diversity so suffers less from Ad Fatigue. And the audience behaviour when searching also differs to Facebook because it’s not targeting a person’s specific Facebook interests.

Facebook Ads differ from traditional PPC marketing because they target interests and not keywords or phrases. To be effective with your Facebook Ad campaigns you need to understand both the interests/audiences that are out there, and how age, sex and GEO location separates those audiences.

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