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White Label Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Does your Digital Agency Need A Revenue Boost?
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If it wasn’t already evident that digital social media management is one of the most active forms of marketing. The great lockdown of 2020 has shown us just what a massive captive audience there is on these platforms. On the back of this the number of SME’s looking to spend marketing budget online has exploded. If you aren’t offering PPC (pay per click services) to your clients, then you are missing out on a large chunk of revenue. By offering a wider range of services you extend their life cycle and client value as opposed to them leaving and spending their money elsewhere.

If you work in the digital space or marketing space then PPC (pay per click) is an invaluable tool. Maybe you are a Web Design Team a PR Agency, SEO Team or Consultant – you may feel like you’re missing out by not having the ability to provide this service. This is where IMT and our White Label Digital Marketing packages can help. By working with us we plug the gap in your client offerings and enable you to become a Full Service Digital Marketer. You can plug into a new revenue stream with zero financial outlay or risk.

You don’t need specialist/ knowledgeable staff, or any in-house expertise in fact. Our team will provide all the expertise and pitch assets to enable you to generate a new income stream. It enables you to provide more services to existing clients whilst attracting a host of new ones without investing a penny of your company money.

So What is White Label Digital Marketing

White Label digital marketing is a fancy term for what is essentially a blank template in an unmarked box. By adding your name, logo, and price you have an off-rack solution that requires no developing or maintaining. It gives you easy access to many different PPC (pay per click) and social media packages including:

  • Access to a premier campaign creation/ management team
  • Ability to audit campaigns and websites content
  • Your own dedicated digital marketing team covering all the core search and Social Media channels
  • Your own dedicated tech to assist you on calls and meetings helping you present strategies to clients and discuss sector data and trends
  • Plug into a wide range of tailored reports, analysis and branded proposals helping you to close that hot lead

Underpinning all of the above is the ability to position and promote your agency as an elite team. We are tech partners across the three major digital marketing channels of:

– Google Premier Partner
– Facebook Partner
– Bing Partner

By partnering with IMT you can pitch prospective clients that your team are the top 1% of digital marketing teams globally. It will transform your deal conversion rates.

Without any financial outlay or additional input our team can turn you into full service digital marketing agency reseller. It enables you to boost your own brand value which also adds value and integrity, building trust in your current brand marketing efforts. You are totally at liberty to set your own price points giving you ultimate control.

Did you know 86% of SMBs use white label digital marketing partners to grow their business?

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Plug Into Social Media Digital Marketing

At IMT we are a Facebook Partner – one of only 16 in fact allocated across the whole of the UK. Pitching your clients alongside having Facebook Partner behind you will massively increase your conversion levels.

Social Media has proven time and time again that if you can target the right social platforms for your clients products/ services you can engage in active dialogue with consumers, build heightened brand awareness, and most importantly the ability to increase sales thanks to the use of ‘message us’, ‘call us’ or ‘learn’ more buttons.

Digital Social Media marketing is popular with small business owners because it is so easy to access and can be low-cost compared with other digital marketing endeavours.

Over 96% of all small businesses have social media marketing in their strategy which is why alongside our PPC Search offerings it’s so important to be able to offer them products that will easily meet their needs when they also do not have in-house experts and are looking for an easy to administer solution. Because they understand the value of social media marketing it is generally something that is placed high in the budgeting list.

The Potential to Earn

Of course, an increased return on investment is something we all strive for no matter what line of business we are in. Perhaps you haven’t heard of White Label Digital Marketing reselling until now, and you have been missing out. But here is your opportunity to get on the bandwagon and increase your sales.

White Label reselling has many benefits including:

  1. Scalability
    Do you scale up a business that has always relied heavily on being able to afford the associated costs. The use of White Label digital marketing products gives you a whole new product range providing services that you previously could not offer. There is no need for massive expenditure giving you the ability to grow your business from a small start-up to something more significant.
  2. Customer Retention
    Hanging onto existing clients is something we all strive to do, but if we cannot offer all the services under one umbrella, there is a possibility they would jump ship for a company that can. The addition of White Label solutions has been shown to offer a direct correlation in client retention. Because these products work for themselves it gives you A time free add-on providing everything your customers need without giant overheads.
  3. New Business
    Of course, this could also be a deal sealer for many new business leads. For customers running their own business is just as full-on and they don’t want the hassle of having three or four different companies providing different parts of their marketing. It makes more sense to work with one company, one contact, and customers vote with their purchase orders. By offering every service using White Labelling you can plug the gaps in your own inventory enabling you to become a fully rounded agency.
  4. Expand Your Service Offerings
    If your business offers any form of digital marketing solutions, this is an easy way to expand your inventory and they align perfectly with synchronicity. If you already sell a Facebook page generation and post content you could add to the package offering blog content creation, page management, landing pages or advertising campaigns in one easy package using your White Label products as a bundle.
  5. Maintain Focus
    White Label reselling has the advantage of not distracting you from your core business and brand. Because it is so simple and basically works for itself you still have the opportunity to get on with your day job and deal with anything in your own specialist remit.

Choosing the Best White Label Digital Marketing Agency Solution for You

Before you jump in and grab the first White Label digital marketing agency you see there are a few things you should consider to ensure you are making the right choice.

First of all, do your due diligence. Visit their site and check what channel awards or accreditations they have. Click on them and ensure they are real and connect to a database that backs up their claims. As mentioned earlier we are one of a very small handful of elite teams. We are both Google Premier Partners (the top performing 1% of teams globally as decided by Google) alongside that our Social Skills extends to being an elite Facebook Partners and Bing Partner.

In the current age, it is important to remember importance of mobile devices. So make sure your white label digital marketing partner provides mobile-friendly solutions. You want the agency you choose to offer customisability for your clients. Make sure they deliver high levels of customer communication – replying promptly to emails, new leads and other interactions.

You need a partner that is strong across the key social media channels, with the ability to offer comments, post engagements and run cost effective ad campaigns.

You also want to ensure you are offering 100% rebranding of all products that give excellent reporting and statistics that can integrate into existing products and platforms.

Basically, any solution you choose from the White Label Digital Marketing range needs to be:

  1. Effective
  2. User-friendly
  3. Offer scalable pricing

These are the three factors that most customers look for giving you the ability to get ahead in the social media arena. If you fail to consider one of these key options, you may struggle to offer a product that your company and clients actually benefits from.

So, what are the White Label Solutions to consider?

You need to remember that clients will have unique needs, and restrictions on the amount they can spend. So the products you offer  must provide a good range of choice allowing them to only purchase certain parts of your inventory. Common White Label packages we provide to our partners are:

  1. Account Audits
    If you client has an existing account across one of the core channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Y/B etc. our team can anonymously provide a branded audit report for your team to forward to the client showing where they are going wrong and how you can help change and optimise things moving forwards.
  2. Competitor Analysis
    Simply provide the competitor/s you want our team to look at for you and we will come back with a fully branded in depth analysis of their digital marketing activities. Covering areas such as spend, seasonal allocations, top performing text/ display ads and keywords, key landing pages and competitor traffic analytics.
  3. Google Ads Sector Report
    Just provide us with the client URL, competitors plus some other data and we will produce a manually produced report looking at the sector keyword volumes and prices, competitor keyword analysis, competitor ads, seasonality and suggested budgets/ vs projected traffic volumes etc.
  4. Digital Marketing Proposal
    This is an expanded version of our sector report and provides a detailed digital marketing strategy across all the core channels.
  5. White Label Social Growth
    Building an audience is time-consuming, but vital if you want your website or posts to be seen. It is also not a simple process, and there is more to it than meets the eye so it’s important that it is done by someone who understands the best way to grow the audience. White Label social growth packages are designed to do just this and will save your clients hours of stabbing in the dark, instead using tried and tested ways to grow an audience.
  6. Dedicated Tech Support
    You have a dedicated tech to support you through the sales process and into management. They will be there to join you on client calls presenting as one of your team and discuss in depth the digital marketing channels, sector trends and proposed strategy.

Time to get Started?

Hopefully, this article explains the benefits of becoming a White Label digital marketing agency reseller. If you think that this might work for your company and simply get in touch with us today. It offers you the opportunity to expand your revenue streams, and yet not need to expand your knowledge, staffing commitments or time in the way it would normally take to grow an agency.

Of course, as a reseller, you could even take advantage of the packages to provide the service from your agency to your client rather than simply selling them the service itself.

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