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Premier Google Partner Agency

Internet Marketing Team is proud to be an official Premier Google Partner agency – just one of a handful of UK based companies to receive this important premier partner accreditation.

Whenever you speak to one of our PPC analysts you can be safe in the knowledge they are fully qualified Adwords Professionals with proven expertise to help your business succeed online.

Premier Google Partner accreditation

To achieve and maintain the accredited Premier Google Partner status is a continuous process. Our agency must demonstrate:

AdWords Proficiency

Google’s exam for AdWords and other platforms are rigorous and require regular updating. Our team keep up-to-date with new tools and techniques and retake Google exams every 18 months.

Minimum Ad Spend

Agencies must manage at least $10,000 over a 90 day period. While we can’t disclose the precise figures totals, we manage much, much more than the minimum figure.

Proven Results

We’re results driven, that’s why we meet and exceed the demands our clients make for a return on their investment – something that we prove to Google every single day.

We Stay Ahead

As a Premier Partner, we get first access to the latest tools, techniques and resources Google has to offer which means our clients are the first to exploit new opportunities.

Premier Partner

Delivering first class service to our clients is the reason we’ve achieved ‘Premier’ status with Google. As an agency holding the ‘Premier Partner’ badge we must demonstrate:

  • A Partner company profile listed on Google’s Partner search page as seen here
  • A minimum of two colleagues who hold AdWords certified status to prove a thorough knowledge of advanced AdWords practices
  • A client base that is healthy with a higher spend across managed accounts
  • Meet performance targets as determined by overall revenue and growth within AdWords

We continue to meet and exceed these targets which is why IMT has been granted Premier Google Partner status. You can view our Google Premier Partner profile here

Work With A Premier Partner Agency

When you work with a Premier Google Partner you’re with an agency that delivers results and is trusted by the biggest search engine in the world to do so.
Your AdWords account will receive the very best in industry standards. We pride ourselves on delivering for each and every client and our team is consistently striving to improve their expertise in all areas of digital marketing – this is why Google recognises us as one of their Premier Partners.

Premier Google Partner specialisations

As a Premier Partner agency, we also specialise in a number of areas including:

Search advertising

IMT specialise in both basic and advanced search advertising techniques covering the creation, management, analysis and optimisation of search ad campaigns across Google’s search network.

Shopping advertising

IMT specialise in both basic and advanced shopping advertising techniques covering all aspects of Google’s Merchant Centre such as account and product data feed creation and the management of shopping campaigns.

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