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Connect your valued client with a Premier Google Partner that cares about your clients

Provide cross channel PPC solutions tailored to your clients requirements

Transparent account management and communication

Earn £200 for every new account you refer to us

A One Stop Multi Channel Digital PPC Solution

IMT offer industry leading PPC management services at competitive prices. We can offer multi-channel digital solutions across the following:

Google Yahoo/Bing Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Amazon

The IMT Referral Program: A Win-Win For All

Our PPC referral program provides added revenue for agencies and freelancers who are looking for affordable and effective digital marketing solutions for their clients. You need to be 100% certain when you suggest a 3rd party solution that your client is dealt with professionally and their expectations and results are exceeded. That way you retain a happy client and we nurture a long term repeat business relationship with you.

We’ve been in digital marketing for over 12 years and have reached the status of Premier Google Partner so you can be certain we are a safe pair of hands for your hard earned and valued client.

When you partner with IMT we ensure we keep a good line of communication and work with you toward the ultimate goal – Ensuring our mutual clients get the success they expect from their digital marketing.

It’s a win win scenario - You have a tried, tested and trusted partner you can refer your clients to when they need PPC solutions.

What IMT can offer your clients:

A Premier Google Partner that will deliver tangible results

Extending your client life cycle and boosting per client revenues

A dedicated account manager for each account

Fantastic support

In-depth end of month reports

Helping You Retain Clients By Growing Their Business

We know you are putting your clients and trust in our hands which is why our team are trained to focus heavily on client retention. We believe that profitability and growth is underpinned by building long-term relationships with you and your clients, so we want them to maintain and grow their annual digital marketing budgets year-on-year.

In practice, client retention is difficult to achieve and requires hard work. This goal can only be met by focusing strongly on industry leading customer service and delivering PPC results month on month that boost your client’s bottom line. These two factors are at the heart of why we have become so highly rated by Google themselves.

We'll be your premier partners, rather than your competition

The success of our business has been underpinned by nurturing long term business relationships built on trust and confidentiality.

You can rest assured we won’t be trying to steal your clients or pitch them products or services that directly compete with yours. Our team want to help you grow your business and client offerings by working with you not against you. That said we put in place strict non-disclosure and non-compete contracts for added peace of mind.


So when do I get my £200 referral fee?

Our accounts department will pay you for referral 5 working days after your client has signed up to our services.

What is the turnaround on IMT making contact with my client?

We always make contact within 24 hours of receiving a referral.

Should I tell my client that IMT is going to be calling them?

Yes, this is very important. We are paying you for the time and effort in suggesting our services to your clients. So you need to speak to your client first and ensure they are aware that we will be calling them up. We always try to pre-arrange a day and time to call. This ensures your client has the time to chat to us.

Is there a minimum spend or contract the client needs to sign up to for me to get my £200 fee?

No, if your client signs up to our services we pay you the fee. It’s a simple as that.

Do you outsource your work?

No way. We have a large team of Google Qualified Individuals in-house – we never outsource or hire freelancers. For each new client you put forward to us we will allocate a tech who matches up with the strongest skillset and sector knowledge.

How do I know if my referral has signed up to the IMT services?

Don’t worry, we will keep you informed and call/ email you as soon as the client agrees to come onboard.

I’m worried you’ll compete with my services?

We never compete with a referrers’ services. Our primary goal is to nurture a healthy long-term relationship with you as a referral partner and your client. For peace of mind though we put in place strict non-compete contracts.

Have you considered retaining our services and having an instant bolt on PPC department?

By retaining IMT to act as your White Label PPC team you instantly open up a new revenue stream for your business. We simply act as another department within your business and enable you to offer the full spectrum of PPC management services to all of your clients at no extra expense. You retain clients longer and generate greater revenues per client. We do all the work and you share the profit.

For more information have a look at our White Label PPC programme

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Don’t forget we pay £200 for every new account you refer to us.

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