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Hiring A White Label Digital Marketing Agency

White Label Digital Marketing Agency

What You Need to Know Before You Hire a White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Now, it is true that when it comes to your typical digital marketing agency, a lot of them like to add a broad product range. Why? Well, this gets them to add in the products that they need to keep clients happy and make sure their business maintains growth.

The only problem with this is that the specialist services, the ones you’re paying the top prices for, need focus, training and a commitment to studying the industry to keep on top of new trends.

Ultimately, the more that you try and offer, the more challenging it becomes for a team to try and keep up with the demands being put into them. You have to make sure that the services you offer don’t compromise the quality of your portfolio because otherwise, you can’t hope to retain the customers you have now, let alone attract new ones.

With that being said, white label digital marketing services are a chief ally in making sure that when you want to give clients the benefits they deserve, you don’t ruin your own reputation in the process.

What are White Label Services?

So, wait just a moment. What are white label services? Well, white labelling is the practice of taking a product which is unbranded, using it and getting permission from the provider to use it as theirs.

Confused? Let’s give an example. Let’s pretend for a moment that you were a company that sold fish and chips to people. You were the best provider in town – you prepared the fish right, the chips had the right oil, and you were loved through the city.

But, for the first time, you want to add some dessert foods to your menu. Doing this would probably ruin your attention to detail with the main meals though, so what do you do?

Well, in this case, you would go and find a white-label service to help you out. They specialise in making desserts, and they can create them for you. This means that you can introduce the option into your diet, and get access to what you want without your customers not knowing that you didn’t create the products.

Basically, a white-label service means that you can do precisely what you do best without having to compromise on any of the processes that make your business what it is.

White Label Digital Marketing Services

So, now that we understand how white label services work, we can talk about how they function on a digital basis.

Your typical digital marketing agency offers a selection of services designed to help clients cultivate a unique and organic presence on the Internet. Naturally, providing every possible type of digital service can be quite tricky, but it is essential to try and make sure that you put out a mix of services for people.

There are many digital marketing agencies that hire white label services. The services allow them to add extra functions to their overall packages, so they can keep up-to-date with what clients want and need.

It is often the case that a white label partnership will provide you with massive savings when it comes to time and financial costs. You don’t have to make a brand-new department or specialist team if you have a white label service providing you with the tools that you cannot generate for yourself. When you don’t have to pay for training all the tools necessary to give the service in the first place, you can save quite a bit of money.

A prominent example of white label service is PPC, known as pay per click services. These types of services are often neglected by digital marketing agencies, as they don’t have the necessary experience required to introduce PPC services into their existing portfolio.

This is unfortunate because, without access to the proper guidance, it may take quite some time before you can generate a service that is on par with the rest of what you can offer.

How Can a White Label PPC Agency Help You?

When it comes to typical white label PPC agencies, they do provide a fully comprehensive service if you take the time to work with them. There are a couple of different things that you should probably consider which we have summarised for you here.

The first thing that you should probably consider is the research and analysis stage. Most companies begin by reviewing the industry you’re in, you’re standing in the market, and the digital space that you need to occupy. As they gather information, they can create an analysis of what’s working, and what isn’t.

The second stage is the adjustment stage. The ability to custom tailor recommendations for clients who use Microsoft advertising or Google ads means that you have to be prepared to have experience coupled with the requisite training. Unfortunately, PPC is not a case of just implementing it and walking away. You have to continually monitor and optimise the services, which is what a white-label service can do for you.

Sales Support

As well as providing technical support, a lot of agencies will also offer the sales enablement tools you need in order to pitch the service to your clients, to begin with. White label marketing agencies often package and prepare everything for you, so you just have to make sure that you use it effectively. Tips and tricks on how to do this are often provided.

Providing a Full Solution

When it comes to any marketing agency, it’s pretty much vital that you take the financial benefits of a white label service into consideration. It isn’t just PPC management that you can get from a white label partnership. PPC is just a prominent example because the tools are relatively expensive to work with, and often require high levels of training.

What Is on Offer?

There are multiple different services the agency partners can get from a white label system. These include the handful of following options that we’ve included down below.

Automated PPC Auditing

Using this tool, you can get performance-based recommendations for your system. The software can audit both Microsoft advertising and Google ads so that you can get a broad selection of white-label service recommendations with lead generation features as well. Thanks to the ability to translate the system using ad insights, your sales representatives don’t even have to be experts in PPC to provide recommendations to their potential clients.

Consultations For Sales

A member of the team would be more than happy to guide you for a consultation, which will help you to explore a broad selection of different options. Proposals, pipeline reviews, pitch growth strategies, and other options will help you to make sure that you get the best possible consults for your sales.

Courses and Training

Get access to both the advertising platforms of Microsoft and Google, improve the sales skills of your team, and learn everything about PPC to offer the best possible services thanks to the training on offer. You can go through the course at your own pace, and address all of the different features and potential concerns at your own speed.

Proposal-Creating Engine

You can close the deal swiftly and easily thanks to automated proposal systems from white label services. Whether it is keyword recommendations, ad previews, or competitive data, it’s all there.

Library of Collateral

Videos, playbooks, vertical trends, and pitch desks are all available for the team that you have, to make sure that they can pitch PPC to clients without any problem, as well as offering all the Google and Microsoft products necessary.

Online Portals

We have a dedicated portal which allows your team to stay in contact with us. We can help you to get access to proposals, reports, support cases and performance graphs as is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Client relationships are important these days. Everything comes down to the way that you interact with clients and what you do to make sure that everyone gets what they need. There are a variety of different things to consider, which means you have access to all of the different benefits you need. If you want to get access to a white label digital marketing team, then you need to get in touch with us, because we can give you a hand.

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