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Free PPC Audit

Free PPC Audit

Book your audit with a PPC Qualified Professional.

This thorough review of your current PPC structure, performance, and best practices, will help you understand the potential opportunities that may be just around the corner. We offer audits across the following channels:

Google Microsoft Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Amazon

Find out how to maximise your Return On Investment (ROI) from paid search pay-per-click by booking a FREE PPC Audit of your account with one of our team.

Why choose us for your PPC audit?

Premier Google Partner

Premier Google Partner

We are proud to be rated by Google as one of their handful of elite Premier Partners which is a very hard status to achieve. The grading takes into account the amount of ad spend we manage, client feedback, new client volumes and most importantly the high average performance index we deliver for campaigns across the board.

Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook Marketing Partner

We are proud to be 1 of only 10 companies in the UK with this accreditation. Facebook Marketing Partners are a community of experts known for their ability to maximize Facebook advertising, including Facebook Pixel, Facebook App Events, Facebook Product Catalog, and beyond.


Why do I need a review?

We find a number of companies have a love hate relationship with their PPC campaigns. They hear so much in the media about how it is a fantastic marketing channel but they are sinking thousands of pounds a month into online marketing and getting little or no return.

Let IMT give a free helping hand and tell you where you are going wrong and how you can get firing on all four cylinders and start making money. Once we’ve audited your campaigns we can then offer guidance on how to get quick wins and create long-term development.

Currently using an agency? That’s fine, our review will provide a second set of eyes on your campaign so you’ve got more than one opinion to go with.

Is this just a painful sales pitch?

Don’t worry no sales pitches – we don’t employ sales people anyway just analysts and technicians.

All we will do is task one of our Certified Professionals to conduct a full analysis of your campaigns. After this thorough review we will call back detailing exactly where you are going wrong, quick wins you can make and how to improve the overall longer term development of your campaigns.

We will even send through an in-depth report for you to examine at your leisure. Don’t worry, its presented in words you’ll understand – no jargon!

How long does it take?

This isn’t an automated process – press a button and churn a report out in 30 seconds type thing. We spend time generating the data, analysing it, and then producing the report. Give us 2-3 working days to come back to you. We promise it will be worth it.

Is it really free?


Why are you offering this for free?

Our Certified Professionals focus entirely on paid search campaigns for companies across the UK. That’s all they do.

We’re looking to do quality business and by offering this service for free we can test where we stand and whether we can offer you real value for money.

Our PPC Audits also give us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in a real-world scenario giving you the chance to save money or increase your profits.

How do we proceed?

Simply leave your details in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your consultation.

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You can call us FREE from mobiles and landlines on 0800 044 3664 - or fill in the form below and we'll call you back.

See our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use data.