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Cosmetic Dental Practice Lead Generation

Cosmetic Dental Practice Lead Generation

Learn how our dental lead generation team leveraged
Google, Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo/Bing
to grow leads from 12 to 68 per month

The Problem

  • We were approached by a successful cosmetic dental practice who wanted help generating new business. They had worked with another agency previously and they failed to deliver the results they promised.
  • We were recommended by a client within the industry who we have worked for over the last few years in another area of the country.
  • The task was to simply to increase leads and to generate them at a ROI that worked within their profit margins. The client provides a wide range of dental services including braces, implants, veneers and implants.
  • A typical client journey would be signing up for a free consultation and then (ideally) agreeing to the treatment which took place on a subsequent appointment.


  1. Reinvent the way in which they were positioned in the market.
  2. The previous campaign was generating 12 leads per month and they needed at least 60 per month.
  3. To make sure that leads are of a high quality and convert to a higher level than previously achieved and at a better cost per acquisition (CPA). This would deliver a higher ROI.
  4. Focus on delivering a smooth and well communicated project with clear snapshot and in depth data contained within reports. Total tracking and transparency with regards to the key metrics was crucial.

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The Method

The initial stages of tackling this problem was to conduct research on the industry in which the client operated specific to their locality. We looked at the biggest national player as well as direct local competition. We were able to access their own campaigns and see the ads, cop, creatives and messaging they were using to generate leads themselves. By identifying this as well as sub standard copy and creatives as well as gaps in their strategy we devised our own strategy to perform to a more optimum level.

The next step in our method was to convince the client to create a brand-new lead funnel in order to better connect with potential leads. It comprised elements that would encourage a stronger call to action and conversion including elements such a better social proof, ad copy and intro videos for the practice overviewing their team and services.

It gave potential customers a greater insight and familiarity with the practice, methods and quality of facilities. Armed with all this positive information it encouraged a greater call to action.

With regards to the digital side of the creation and conception, we handled it from our end via consultation and end-to-end implementation.

As part of the method to convince the client to make the change, we created a holistic and digital business approach consisting of research, a fully designed business plan, and an estimation of leads that could be potentially generated, as well as the average cost per lead.

We recommended our proven blueprint for dental lead generation that leveraged Facebook and Instagram Ads alongside a Yahoo/Bing and Google Ads campaign with an automated retargeting stack that worked across all the platforms. We know from experience this multi-channel methodology is perfect for attraction attention and encouraging a lead to be generated on the day or at a later date.

Approach #1

  • Building – We planned and built an entire Search and Social account across Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. PPC account in order to provide the setting for the lead generation. A website was also created to facilitate the ideal amount of dynamic locations for targeting, and also to make sure that each customer had a flawless journey during lead generation.
  • Scripts – We used the power of Google Scripts to create SQR for each campaign. This little trick gave us hours of time taken off, which meant we were free to concentrate a little more on DSA and RLSA campaigns. These helped to create new areas of interest which we could focus campaigns around.
  • Features – We implemented every possible type of search campaign with all 4 match types. We accomplished this by using bid stacking on each level.
  • Funnels – By pairing social and search channels together, we were able to create a seamless approach to remarketing. Special care was put into retargeting potential Facebook leads, via a dedicated page for searches.

Approach #2

  • Customer Behaviour – We analysed earlier customer behaviour and used the data from this analysis to build strategies following interpretation. As an example, different types of campaigns were automatically set to redirect to certain parts of the website, in order to nurture appropriate audiences.
  • Google BETA – Google BETA was used to separate out business and household prospects to ensure that the correct campaign was distributed to the appropriate audience.
  • Innovation – To increase conversion rates, we employed a multi-stage form. In addition to this, we also positioned the client as being the optimum website for their specific service, and utilised an overlay for the conversion of users.
  • Scripts – A script was used to alter the bidding for keyword levels in our campaigns, but only those that had a manual CPC strategy in place.

Our Results

During the first three months from when we began work with the client, their account leads rose from 12 per month to 68 per month. We also managed to drop the CPA at the same time making the process more profitable and covering our own management fees.

The conversion rate for leads were 16% higher than previously generated ones. remained at a steady 4% for the first three months of the campaign which is a common issue for campaigns of this nature i.e. more leads but lower conversions. By the end of the business year we achieved a business growth of 62%.

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