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Doohickey Hut, an online store for mobile and tablet accessories, used IMT to create Facebook and Instagram campaigns that generated 14x Return on Ad Spend through Product Catalogue retargeting.

In the crowded world of eCommerce it’s nearly impossible to get yourself noticed on an already crowded timeline. Compounded further if your niche will include major online sellers and brands. Combine that fact with the month of December and you have yourself a solid battle on your hands.”

Internet Marketing Team


Our client approached with a simple target to achieve. He would move into gross profit at 4x Return on AdSpend (ROAS) and net profit at 8x ROAS. His store sells electronic accessories mainly for mobile and tablet devices. Margins are low and competition is fierce. He had been running Google PPC on certain items, and this had helped create a steady, if unspectacular stream of traffic. Apart from a dribble of organic traffic, that's all we had to work with.


Launching the campaign on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we worked with the client to create 6 loss making offers, which would spike the interest on the site, build solid audiences of page views, add to cart and also feed a few sales through the site. In addition to this preparation we made custom audiences using specific brands to differentiate for retargetting purposes.

Once the dust had settled on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we set up a simple, yet effective strategy.

Continuing from the success of our loss making offers, we continued to run 1 day flash sales throughout December, with on trend items and leaving as little margin as possible. We set up multiple retargetting campaigns, based on brand, item and the different stages of the buyer journey. Abandon carts were invited back with offer codes, purchases were up sold relevant add ons to what they bought and page views were served product catalogue ads so that they could go back to browsing the sites offers, within the Facebook App.


Whilst the retargetting offers on brand and item where returning reasonably, the margins were too slender to call them highly successful. But with the product catalogue retargetting we saw an instant and retained interest from the audience which gave us a high level of profitability.

Using the product catalogue effectively means quite a significant amount of set up, from our side and also the website owner. Ensuring the products are named and presented correctly can be a bit of a dance. But for our campaign we got this straight as an arrow and the successes were evident from launch to conclusion.

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